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Foxy has been walking with Down with Dogs since 2018, we’ve been there right from the start!

We love the service that Down with Dogs offer, always reliable, with clear communication. Foxy always has a great time, whether it’s in the private Down with Dogs yard, or out on a walk. She seems to know which are her days, and gets very excited when she can hear the van approaching, needless to say, she always comes home exhausted.

Foxy isn’t always the easiest dog to handle, but Down with Dogs have done wonders for her behaviour. I can’t recommend Down with Dogs highly enough.

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Down with Dogs remove all the worry about what to do with our girl when we cannot be there, and their seamless pick up and drop offs (either when we are home; or letting themselves in) demonstrate the great relationship they have with Peggy. She bounds off without a backwards glance.

On her return home the ever thoughtful Alex and team will dry Peggy off if she arrives damp after a day frolicking in the Wellington rain. Having a Vizsla pup is not for the faint hearted and Alex has offered so much support and wise counsel around Peggy as we train our girl to have good manners, both on the lead and also around other dogs.

What I find most reassuring about Down with Dogs is their whole ethos about dogs and their behaviour. Alex and team really really think about things from the dog’s perspective, and we absolutely feel like a member of the family.

In short I could not recommend Down with Dogs enough.

Peggy the dog giving her owner a kiss on the grass
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Our boys, Trent & Lionel have been part of the Down with Dogs pack for nearly four years. They absolutely love Alex and the team and know the drill for pick ups and drop offs.

They come home happy and exhausted from walks and play time. We can't speak highly enough of the service and care provided. We'd be lost without Alex and her team!