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Why we love what we do

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Down with dogs is a place where dogs can truly be dogs. We believe that a calm dog is a happy dog. We achieve calm by being around other dogs and being in their natural environment. Fresh air in their lungs, sun on their coat, grass and dirt between their paws and lots of love and good energy.

Picture of Alex with short blonde hair in the doggy section on her property cuddled up to four dogsSelfie of Alex out on a walk in Makara with dogs around her

Meet Alex

As a child, one of Alex's biggest dreams was to be surrounded by dogs and to pat every single one. Although now she knows that, patting every dog is not possible, she sure has been, is and always will be surrounded by them. Her Mum trained guide dogs from a young age, so there was always lots of dogs in her household.

After completing her studies in 2012, she worked at a number of different dog kennels, daycares, shelters, groomers and then as a dog walker, before starting Down with Dogs in 2017.

Over that time, she has met some of the best people in the dog industry. She learnt from them how important it was to implement structure and basic obedience into walks, and how it benefits each dog and achieves a happy calm balanced pack. 

She loves working with dogs, because they are such loyal loving creatures. She loves that she is able to spend time and learn from many dogs each day. She feels blessed to have been given the opportunity to provide a service to dogs and their owners, where dogs can sniff, explore, play and run, and to just be dogs

Meet Paul

Hi, my name is Paul, you may have seen me over the last few years, working with Down with Dogs and also Paw Peninsula Club.

My interest in working with dogs came about when given the opportunity to join the Down with Dogs pack walks - soon finding myself building an incredible relationship with the dogs.

I continue to build and grow those relationships and my knowledge with dogs overall, and have a blast everyday at Down with Dogs!

Picture of Paul in the doggy yard with 3 dogs

Our Property

Uphill picture of the pack walkPicture of the rolling hills in MakaraAriel view of the dog yard in Makara